Taian Linzey horticultural field located in the beautiful scenery, the mountains of the ancient city of Tai'an City, adjacent to the foot of Mount Tai. The nursery is a collection of nursery stock sales, marketing, production as an integrated enterprise, the company specializes in a variety of high-quality green seedlings sale and cultivation of fruit trees, with our unique sales, professional nursery management, quality seedlings seedlings , standardized service gained wide recognition. The horticultural field is strong in technology, expertise, rich experience in planting and breeding has standardized observation nursery, demonstration garden, cultivate garden. The main products: fruit tree seedlings: seedlings Peach, nectarine, walnut seedlings, hawthorn seedlings, seedling apple, cher..Read more
  • Mr. Yu: Zhou Zhuanlin (Mr.)
    Tel: 15376220677
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